[Shawl Socks Set] Destination Unknown Kit (with Japanese sentence pattern)

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A kit that can knit both a shawl and socks.
When you knit a shawl with a color scheme, you will inevitably end up with excess yarn. I was sad to end up with leftover yarn that I liked so much, so I made an amirisu original sock pattern and made a set kit.

[Shawl Socks Set] The first is Destination Unknown.
Destination Unknown's designer Cheryl Faust kindly let me make the same sock pattern with amirisu.
With the shawl and socks, the positions are moderately separated, so it's not casual even if you wear them together, so it's recommended.

Destination Unknown is a triangular shawl with a beautiful mosaic pattern made from sliding eyes. The pattern itself is not difficult, but if you knit with Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool, which changes colors intricately, you can create a natural gradation and create an artistic finish.

The socks were designed by Tokuko. The main part is knitted with amirisu Trek, so the ease of knitting and freshness are certified. In addition, thanks to the slippery pattern, these socks are very comfortable and fit well on your feet.

*I knitted a shawl and socks for 23cm with the thread from the kit. The amount of thread used will vary depending on the gauge and size of the socks, so if you are worried about it or want to knit a large size sock, please purchase an additional skein of the same color Trek from here .

Kit contents
Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool 2 cases
amirisu Trek 2 case
Print pattern (Japanese)

Kit details
designed by Cheryl Faust
(socks designed by Tokuko Ochiai )

Finished size
Shawl: width 173cm / height (center line) 74cm
Socks: Foot circumference (measured unstretched) S (M) = 18 (20) cm
* Length is adjustable * " Foot circumference is the circumference through the joint at the base of the thumb. The sock is laid flat and that part is measured. We recommend sizing 10% smaller than your actual foot size for a better fit.

Thread used
Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool
( 100% American Wool (Superwashed) / 200 yards )
amirisu Trek
( 100% Merino Wool (preshrunk) / 383 Yards (350 m) / approx. 100 g )

needle to use
shawl· US1 ( 2.25mm ) circular needle or 5-pin needle
US3 ( 3.25 mm ) circular needle / US4 ( 3.5 mm ) circular needle
・US7 (4.5mm) needle (for BO)
Socks ・ US1 ( 2.25mm ) Circular needle of 80cm or longer

Other tools
・Separate thread ・Binding needle ・Stitch marker (2)

Sample colors are midnight + Leith

The characteristics of hand-dyed yarn are summarized here .
Please check before shopping.

Due to the characteristics of Spincycle yarn, the color appearance may vary greatly depending on the skein. (refer to the following)
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

[Example of color difference for each skein]

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