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La Bien Aimée Helix

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La Bien Aimée

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Helix arrived from La Bien Aimée in Paris.

Helix is ​​a lace weight yarn with a special blend of 75% Falkland Wool and 25% Gotland Wool. pale gray The sheen of Gotland Wool adds depth to the yarn. again, Gotland Wool has a subtle mohair-like fluff and is a yarn with a texture that is typical of autumn and winter.

If you knit a shawl or wear in one piece, you can get a light and beautiful drape. It is also recommended to use two strands or combine with other materials such as kid silk mohair for a synergistic effect.

Manufacturer: La Bien Aimée
Product name: Helix

75% Falkland wool, 25% Gotland wool
711 yards (650 m) / 100 g
Needle size: US 0-6 ( 2-4mm )

The characteristics of hand-dyed yarn are summarized here .
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