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La Bien Aimée Alix

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La Bien Aimée

Alix has arrived from La Bien Aimée in Paris.

Alix is ​​a sister yarn to Helix and Felix.

This lace weight yarn is a blend of 70% Falkland Merino and 30% Suri Alpaca. The base is a gentle, glossy white color, so the vibrant colors are cute and look like paint on a pure white canvas. Since it contains alpaca, it is characterized by its small pile and softness.

If you knit a shawl or clothing with one strand, it will create a light and beautiful drape. We also recommend using two pieces or pairing them with other materials such as kid silk mohair for a synergistic effect.

Manufacturer: La Bien Aimée
Product name: Alix

70% Falkland Merino, 30% Suri Alpaca
710 yards (650 m) 100g

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