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Backyard Chicken Collection

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Hue Loco

Backyard Chicken Collection of sock yarn has arrived from Hue Loco.

Now popular Backyard Chicken Collection. Dyed by owner Nicole in her Colorado hand dyeing studio. Unique coloring and vivid speckles. You'll be amazed at the combinations you've never seen before. It's no wonder, this is Backyard Chicken, the color of the chicken that Nicole has in her backyard.

The chicken next to the photo on the set is a model chicken.
The colors of nature are beautiful. Please find your favorite bird.

【set content】
100g skein: 1 skein
20g skeins: 2 skeins

[The Roosters]
80% SW Merino, 20% nylon
400 yards / 100g skein
80 yards / 20g skein

[The Hens]
75% SW Merino, 25% nylon
460 yards / 100 g skein
90 yards / 20g skein

The characteristics of hand-dyed yarn are summarized here .
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