June 10, 2023

Notice: Kit pattern will be PDF pattern 2

お知らせ:キットのパターンがPDFパターンになります 2

Thank you for your continued patronage of amirisu.

Regarding the discontinuation of kit printing patterns , which was announced on May 26th, we are in the process of transitioning to June 15th.

June 15, 2023 (planned)
We are working on moving to the 15th, but since we are using the system for the first time, there may be some changes.
Also, kits will be temporarily unavailable for purchase in the online shop during the migration process.
Items that have been completed will be available for purchase.
We will let you know on Instagram when the migration process begins.

how will it change?
Regarding the knitting pattern of the kit, we will abolish the printed version and send you the PDF pattern.
PDF patterns can now be saved in My Account (like Ravelry's Library).
Later, I will make a commentary blog to show you how to save.

What is the target pattern?
Patterns created with amirisu are targeted.
Printed patterns created by other manufacturers are not covered.

When you want a print pattern?
After paying 550 yen (printing fee + shipping fee), we will print the pattern and send it to you. In that case, it will be shipped separately from the thread.
We will make a product called "printing fee + shipping fee" in the online shop, so please purchase it additionally.
We will also make a commentary blog to guide you from ordering to shipping.

Apology for the pattern price increase
Due to recent fluctuations in exchange rates and soaring prices, we have considered it again and again, but we have no choice but to raise the price of the pattern.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We are currently reviewing it, but the price of the PDF pattern will be almost the same as the price of the paper pattern so far. Up until now, the cost of materials and printing has been high, so the price will go up accordingly.

what happens at the store?
If you are looking for a PDF pattern, we will send it to your account.
If you would like a printed version, we will print it and give it to you if you pay a separate printing fee of 220 yen.
Please speak to the staff.

All the staff are preparing to make the transition as smooth as possible.
In addition, I will make a commentary blog later and give you guidance.
Thank you very much.