June 16, 2023

Online shop: Regarding changes to shipping


Thank you for your continued patronage of amirisu.

We would like to inform you that we have completed the transfer work on June 15th regarding the "PDF data conversion of kit patterns" that we have been sending you since the other day.
We would like to inform you that there will be a slight change in the shipping method due to the transition.

1. More shipments by TA-Q-BIN Compact
Until now, we have been careful to pack the printed pattern so that it does not bend, but from now on, the pattern won't be included, so we are able to send in a smaller package.
At amirisu, we will actively use TA-Q-BIN Compact to ship if the size matches. The delivery will be handed over in the same way as courier service.

Even if you use TA-Q-BIN Compact, the shipping fee (+shipping fee) will be 880 yen (including tax) for shipping in Japan. At amirisu, we set the shipping fee as a fixed fee regardless of the distance or size so that customers all over Japan can use it with a clear shipping system. We would appreciate it if you could enjoy shopping after understanding.

2. Kits will no longer be individually wrapped 
When you purchased a kit product and other products, we used to wrap them separately so that you can tell which product is a kit product. I will stop and send it all together.

In order to reduce the environmental burden and reduce costs, we have decided to make this change. I would like to take care of the shipping work so that I can deliver the package with the same quality as before.

Thank you for your understanding.