August 20, 2016

Natalie Miller's visit to Japan WS and 2-day mini-retreat at Kyomachiya

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I love knitting, but I also love other textiles and crafts. Natalie Miller is one of the textile artists I've been following for the past few years and have been very inspired by. Combining tapestry, macramé, and Chinese knots, she creates original works using colorful yarns and ropes she dyes herself. Especially the freshness is very nice. Full of energy and always helpful.

She was coming to Japan this fall, so we got in touch and a workshop was held at WALNUT. It will be held for 2 days in Tokyo and 1 day in Kyoto. A Japanese interpreter will be provided, so you can participate in either English or Japanese. To be honest, it's not a craft that can't be imitated!
I think it's a chance to touch crafts that are different from usual for a day. We are looking forward to your participation!

Omotesando WS

Location: WALNUT Tokyo (Omotesando)
Maximum number of people: 7

Tapestry weaving (tapestry weaving)
Friday, November 11, 10 AM - 4 PM (6 hours)
Cost: 25,000 yen (+ consumption tax) - All materials and tools are included in the cost.

Saturday, November 12, 10 AM - 2 PM (4 hours)
Cost: 16,500 yen (+ consumption tax) - All materials and tools are included in the cost.

*Lunch is not included, but there are many places to buy lunch boxes in the neighborhood, so we plan to go shopping together while taking breaks.

amirisu 2-day mini-retreat in Kyomachiya

This year's retreat was a bit irregular, and we decided to hold a small two-day course in Kyoto.

We are renting a space that was renovated from an old townhouse built over 120 years ago and used to make sake koji. We stayed there for one night, and the next day we had Natalie's tapestry weaving workshop at WALNUT for two days.

Up to 10 people. I can actually stay a little longer, but I will consider it as the number of people who have room. The facility is divided into 2 Japanese-style rooms on the 2nd floor, with futons. If you don't mind, you can use the tatami room on the 1st floor. The bath is a cypress bath.

For dinner, we ask for popular catering in Kyoto. Other meals are simple meals that amirisu staff will procure in the neighborhood, but we are thinking about delicious lunch boxes.

We have a wonderful space and plenty of time, so let's all enjoy knitting and other handicrafts. We will prepare various materials.

date and place
November 19, 2:00pm - Sunday, November 20, 6:00pm

Kyoto Machiya and WALNUT Kyoto
Cost: 54,000 yen (+ consumption tax)
Inclusions: 3 meals, 1 night's lodging, Natalie's workshop (including all materials), interpreter

WS: Tapestry Workshop with Natalie Miller
Make a tapestry about 25cm x 30cm. The above photo is an image, but on the day of the event, Ashford's weaving frame, tools, warp and weft, etc. will all be included.

It is possible to stay the night before on the 18th (of course you can go sightseeing in Kyoto). 25000 yen/person for 2 people, 13000 yen/person for 4 people. I think it's reasonable because Kyoto lodging in the autumn leaves season is expensive. Meals are not included in the extended stay, but we can accompany you for dinner on the 18th.

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