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I tried knitting this yarn -Woolfolk STRA-

September 29, 2020

この糸を編んでみました ーWoolfolk STRAー

It must have been around the beginning of summer when I heard that Woolfolk would release a new yarn at the end of August, and I was really looking forward to what kind of yarn it would be. STRA , which means straw in Danish, is a blended yarn of 50% Ovis 21 Ultimate Merino and 50% linen, the finest merino wool grown in Patagonia with consideration for the environment, which is also a characteristic of Woolfolk. Since it is chain-shaped, it contains air and gives a light impression.

When you think of linen, you think of summer yarn, but when you touch this yarn with your skin, you can feel the warmth of merino.

Anyway, I wanted to try knitting something, so I started knitting SJOV , which can be knitted in 2 skeins, with a slightly beige white S1. The simplicity of linen and the luxury of Woolfolk make it fun and irresistible!

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