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Wool People 13

June 22, 2019

Wool People 13

Did you see Wool People13 , announced last week?
Wool People is a collection that Brooklyn Tweed has been presenting since 2011, and each time various designers have created designs using BT yarn.
This time, designers familiar with amirisu such as Fiona Alice and Paula Pereira have been appointed, and they are all attractive.
Here are some of them.

Seamark by Rachel Brockman

This work, woven with Arbor, looks like a fisherman sweater that can be worn casually, but the cable knit that connects the ribs at the neck and hem is too nice!

KAME by Aude Martin

This red! And it's a little oversized, but it's a stylish design! It's knitted with Loft, so it's perfect for wearing over a dress or T-shirt on cold rainy days.

Ensata Scarf & Cowl by Amy van de Laar

This design is knitted in Peerie or Vale. A flowing pattern continues from lace knitting to twisted rubber knitting. Shawl and cowl are both nice.

Brooklyn Tweed's blog states,
For this collection, I asked my friends to be the models, and I didn't wear much make-up and shot it in a casual atmosphere. I wanted to express clothes and accessories that you would want to wear every day without elaborate styling.
is what it reads.
This kind of atmosphere can be used everyday, but it always makes you feel special when you wear it.

The yarn for amirisu arrived from BT the other day, so now you may have the color you like. Please take a look at the online shop .

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