June 23, 2016

WALNUT TOKYO glue deco lesson report

Recently, sunny days are hot like summer.
Today, I would like to introduce the glue deco lesson that I started the other day. In this lesson, you'll create sparkly accessories by placing embedded Swarovski crystals in special clay.
The first one is Fog linen's pin!
Swarovski is sucked one by one by machine, so there is nothing difficult once you get used to it. In less than an hour, you will have a cute accessory ready.

3 color pins were finished on this day. It's a refreshing color perfect for summer. By all means, please use it as a point on the chest of a shawl pin or sweater.
Everyone wants to make this next time! I received a voice saying that, so from the next time, I will prepare a heart pin kit made with pearls and look forward to it.
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