July 26, 2016

WALNUT TOKYO Simple weaving lesson report

Lesson report held at the Tokyo store
《Part 4》Simple weaving lesson
Simple weaving uses a wooden frame loom, Do a basic plain weave to create a pattern,
Make a bag and make a bag that can fit A4 size from the pouch You can
When you knit or sew, you end up with excess wool and fabric.
I'm sure I'll use it for something, but I tend to forget. . .
It is possible to transform such surplus materials into something wonderful through weaving. ★
In the first lesson, while making a coaster, We weave several patterns.
After that, make a small pouch, Making things that can be used such as bags.
do the weaving, You can make wall hangings to decorate your room! !
You can also make luncheon mats by tearing the fabric and using it as tape.
Students weaving
student's coaster
Tailoring such as pouches and bags is a bit... For those who think
Don't worry, we'll do tailoring together in the lesson.
using leftover materials Let's make something that makes our heart flutter and have fun~★
Samples made by nao★Bags and hair bands
Sample mini pouch made by nao
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