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Crochet Fair @ WALNUT Kyoto Store Information

July 19, 2016

In the second half of July, the min-min seminar has become a big chorus.
The sound of cicadas reminds me of my childhood summer vacations.

If you were an elementary school student who loved handicrafts, wouldn't you knit accessories with crochet hooks during summer vacation?
Summer vacation is about to start for the kids, and to remember the excitement of those days, we will be holding a crochet fair starting this weekend.

A new crochet kit. A popular person with a silly face.
Crochet Fair @ WALNUT Kyoto Store
Address: 745 Kikuya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (Wakamiya-dori Matsubara Ueru) Building 2F.
Phone: 075-708-7210 (Please call the shop during opening hours.)

・Date and time
7/23 (Sat) - 7/30 (Sat)
*July 24th (Sun) and 25th (Mon) are closed due to regular holidays.

・ Contents Kit sales: TOFT crochet kits and Summer Mini Bag kits will be sold Sample display: Samples borrowed from Yokota Co., Ltd. Yarn sales: Crochet such as sasa eagle and hemp string We will prepare interesting yarns for the workshop… Knit a crochet Summer Mini Bag

The samples will be borrowed from Yokota Co., Ltd.'s "Patterns Note" and "Bags and accessories knitted with colorful threads".

In conjunction with that, we will sell recommended threads for crochet.
Sometimes I worry that crochet will look cheap. We have recommended threads that will give you a nice finish, so please take a look at the sample.

Crochet Workshop: Summer Mini Bag

Knit a summer mini bag at Quince & Co. Sparrow.
For casual sub-bags in summer. You can decorate your house while storing things.
Because it is knitted with Sparrow, it has a natural linen luster and is fashionable.

It includes basic knitting methods such as fine knitting and long knitting, so it is recommended for those who want to practice crocheting.

・Date and time
1: 7/23 (Sat) 11:00-13:00
2: 7/28 (Thu) 14:00-16:00

・ Lecturer: Riku-Fu

・WS participation details ・WS participation fee: 3500 yen (excluding tax)
Materials included. A crochet hook is also included. With tea.
・Capacity: 6 people ・Skill level: Those who have knitted fine knitting or long knitting

Please purchase from the online shop .

Let's knit summer accessories with the excitement of summer vacation.
We look forward to your visit!

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