July 28, 2016

Crochet Fair @ WALNUT Tokyo store information

Min-min cicadas have started to sing, and the rainy season has finally opened in the Kanto region.
I think there are many people who prefer crochet to needle knitting in summer.
For those people, here is information about the crochet fair that will be held next month at the Tokyo store.
Crochet fair @ WALNUT Tokyo store
Address: Suzuki Mansion 307, 5-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-6427-2997 (Please call the shop during opening hours.)

・Date and time
8/18 (Thu), 8/20 (Sat), 8/21 (Sun)

・ Contents Kit sales: TOFT crochet kits and Summer Mini Bag kits will be sold Sample display: Samples borrowed from Yokota Co., Ltd. Yarn sales: Crochet such as sasa eagle and hemp string We will prepare interesting threads for the workshop… ① Knit a crocheted Summer Mini Bag ② Make a necklace with bead crochet.

The samples will be borrowed from Yokota Co., Ltd.'s "Patterns Note" and "Bags and accessories knitted with colorful threads".

In conjunction with that, we will sell recommended threads for crochet.
Sometimes I worry that crochet will look cheap. We have recommended threads that will give you a nice finish, so please take a look at the sample.

⭐︎ Information about the workshop ⭐︎
・Summer Mini Bag

Knit a summer mini bag at Quince & Co. Sparrow.
For casual sub-bags in summer. You can decorate your house while storing things.
Because it is knitted with Sparrow, it has a natural linen luster and is fashionable.

It includes basic knitting methods such as fine knitting and long knitting, so it is recommended for those who want to practice crocheting.

Date and time ・8/18 (Thursday) 10: 00-12: 00

Lecturer : WALNUT Tokyo store staff

WS participation details ・WS participation fee: 3500 yen (excluding tax)
Materials included. A crochet hook is also included. With tea.
・Capacity: 6 people ・Skill level: Those who have knitted fine knitting or long knitting

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・Confetti necklace workshop

It's a bead crochet workshop. I want you to hold it at the Tokyo store too! There were many voices, so we decided to hold it.
A beaded crochet is a knitted product in which beads are woven through threads.
We knit a necklace designed by Bert & Dana Freed, a designer living in NY, using tulip bead crochet needles.

Beads are a combination of beads collected by Bert&Dana from all over the world. There are also vintage beads inside. The beads in each set are different, so you can make only one necklace in the world.

If you are a crochet person, you should be able to knit easily. I will also tell you the tips to finish it clean this time.

● Date and time:
・August 21st (Sun) 10:00-12 :00

●Place: WALNUT Tokyo
Lecturer: WALNUT Tokyo store staff
WS participation details
・WS participation fee: 5000 yen (excluding tax)
Materials included. With tea.
・Capacity: 7 people

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Let's get through the hot summer by making accessories that will make you feel excited!
We look forward to your visit.