February 07, 2020

Sorrel is cute!


Sorrel is very popular on Instagram and Revelry now. Wool&Pine is a design unit started at the end of last year by a duo of a designer and a knitting instructor.

It's a top-down sweater that is knitted with sock yarn and mohair, but the green mohair skillfully combines the 4 colors of sock yarn that seem to be disjointed at first glance.
When I look at the work of people who are actually knitting, there are those who are knitting in one single color, and there are those who are knitting in one color sock yarn with mohair gradation, and all of them are cute.

This sweater, with its impressive yoke design, will make you want to try knitting it by combining the threads lying dormant in your closet.

We have received the translation permission from the designer, so we are preparing to sell the kit in the near future. Please look forward to it!