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[Sock Club 2022 design recruitment! ]

November 30, 2021

【Sock Club 2022 デザイン募集!】

"I only knit socks, not sweaters or shawls!" The number of socknitters has increased considerably, and now knitting socks is very popular. It's light and easy to carry, and although it's small, it's full of various techniques, and everyone seems to be addicted to it.

Amirisu started the Sock Club from this year with the desire for Socknitters to enjoy every month. The original kits were released one by one every month, and were sold for a limited period of one month, and were very well received.

2022 will also be held in response to voices saying that it will definitely be held next year! Then, it was decided to open the design to the public. Please come up with an outstanding design that is cute, practical, and worth knitting. The details are as follows.

(1) Basically, please use amirisu Trek for the thread. If you need to use another thread, we will consult with you.

(2) Patterns will be sold in English and Japanese.

(3) It doesn't matter if there is size expansion or not. If it is an adult women's size, one size is fine.

(4) Amirisu will specify the color of the sample later and send the thread. The shipping fee for the finished sample will be paid by the designer.

(5) Technical editing, chart creation, layout and translation are all done by amirisu .

(6) Please attach a simple design proposal (overall sketch, pattern swatch, simple design description) and send it to . Please also let us know your Instagram and Ravelry accounts. The deadline is December 29 , 2021 .

(7) Please let us know the delivery date that can be submitted. Once we have all the designers, we will decide the delivery date for each item. The final delivery date is November 2022 .

If you have any questions, please email us at . We look forward to your application!

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