February 09, 2023

Skew KAL Q&A - Part 1

Skew KAL質問回答 〜1回目

Thank you for participating in Skew KAL.

It's a strange knitting method, and I think it was a pattern that was difficult to understand immediately.
We'll be answering all the questions we've had so far!

Question 1: Quickly, I'm stumped in choosing knitting needles

The needle column of the pattern is confusing, isn't it?
The needles you use will depend on whether you are knitting with a magic loop or two circular needles.

The method of knitting with two circular needles is not in vogue these days, so I'm sure there are people who don't know about it. If you search for "circular needle two socks", you will find several videos, so please take a look.

Once you've decided which you're going to knit with, get your needles ready.
I have rewritten it to make it easier to understand, so please refer to it here.

[When knitting with a magic loop]
1 US1 / 2.25mm 100cm circular needle (for main unit)
Two US1 / 2.25mm short hands (for heel shaping)
One US0 / 2.0mm 100cm circular needle  (for cuff ribbing)

[When knitting with two circular needles]
Two US1 / 2.25mm 60cm circular needles (for main unit)
Two US1 / 2.25mm short hands (for heel shaping)
Two US0 / 2.0mm 60cm circular needles  (for cuff ribbing)

Please change the thickness of the needle of the main body appropriately according to your own gauge. The rib part can be knitted with a needle that is 1 size lower than that.

The needles prepared for the shape of the heel can honestly be anything.
It's easier to put the eyes in if the needles are the same as or thinner than the needles used to knit the main body! Feel free to use whatever needles you have. I wouldn't buy it just for that!
Since it is only used to rest the eyes of the knitted part, you can use a replaceable circular needle instead of a short needle or a circular needle. A bamboo skewer is also good.

Question 2: When is the timing to use the second needle of the 60cm circular needle? Is it okay to wear around the widening of the ankle?

Use two 60cm circular needles only when knitting with two circular needles.
When knitting with the Magic Loop, you only need one circular needle, so you don't need a second one.

Question 3: Regarding LLinc and RLinc, are the widening stitches like twisted stitches different from normal widening stitches?

It is not a twisted stitch, but a widened stitch made by pulling up the stitches on the bottom circumference.
All you have to do is to do the so-called Japanese knitting method of right widening and left widening!
If you search for "LLinc, RLinc" or "right widening, left widening", you will find many videos, so please try while watching.