July 12, 2019

Donovan knitting with Quince & Co. Sparrow

Quince& Co. Sparrowで編むDonovan

Ever since I saw the Quince & Co. collection last year, I've loved this lace top! I thought. Actually, I have a cardigan with a similar feeling, tied in front with a ribbon, and I often wear it over a T-shirt or dress. So if you knit it, you will surely have many opportunities to wear it.

But in the end, I hesitated without knitting for a year... Because I showed this picture to my daughter, and she said, 'Isn't this wonderful?' When I asked her about it, she said, "If you choose the wrong color, you'll look old, so be careful." With that being said, I didn't know which color to choose, and while I was hesitating, summer ended.

Donovan by Michele Wang

Since last week, amirisu has held a Sparrow fair , and this top was among the samples borrowed from Quince & Co. I tried it on right away, but it's still cute! I felt that the length and sleeves were a little long, so cropped length is trending this year, so I would like to make it shorter. This Conch color is also nice, but I think a little darker color would be better. Oh, I want to knit quickly!