April 01, 2021

Parade New Collection(2)


Today I would like to introduce two Tokuco designs from the new collection.

“I thought about a simple and comfortable shape. If the neck is loose, you end up having to think about what to wear underneath, which tends to be a hassle. Also, people don't like tight armholes, so I aimed for a form that doesn't look too loose, but doesn't conform to the body too much."

Certainly, if you can find a top that looks stylish and can be coordinated with just one piece, I definitely want it!

The first one is Riku .

It's very simple, but the shoulders are slightly dropped, and although the body is loose, the sleeves look tight and long, giving it a modern feel. Dark colors are nice, but light pinks, purples, blues, etc. would also be nice.

Eimi is next.

It's a compact cardigan with short sleeves, so if you keep it in your bag, you can use it to keep out the air conditioning in midsummer. This is also a dream to knit in what color.

How did you like the new Parade collection that we introduced over the two days? I'm itching to knit them all.

Parade perfect for the coming season. Please try knitting!