March 21, 2018

K (Knit) Publication Commemorative Workshop in Kyoto

K(Knit) 出版記念ワークショップ in 京都のお知らせ

On April 14th (Sat), Helga Isager will be visiting Walnut Kyoto.
A workshop will be held to commemorate the publication of the new book "K (Knit)" which will be released early next month.
Helga Isager introduces a sample of her work and talks about "K (Knit)", then knits a swatch together.

April 14 (Sat) 14:00-16:45

7 people

Walnut Kyoto
745 Kikuyacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City
Phone: 075-708-7210

5,300 yen (excluding tax)
All materials and instructor fees are included. With tea.

Click here to apply.

A Japanese interpreter will be provided, so feel free to talk about secret stories about the publication of "K (Knit)" and tips on how to knit.

Kits will also be sold on the day of the event, so if you like swatch knitting, you can knit a work immediately.

Walnut Kyoto is the only workshop held in Kansai.
This is a unique opportunity to learn how to knit directly from a designer.
Please come and visit us.