May 13, 2022

Introducing the Heidi Jacket!

Heidi Jacketのご紹介!

Heidi is a collarless jacket that can be used for formal occasions.

Last year we proposed a set of straight pants and sleeveless tops.
To further develop my dream setup, I decided to make a jacket this year. If you have this, last year's setup will be one rank up!
There are many processes, but if you work calmly, you should be able to do it. It is perfect for those who challenged sewing last year and wanted to make something higher level this year.

Jackets are expensive to buy, and how convenient it would be if you could mass-produce them yourself.

You can choose from various arrangements.

・There are two types of sleeve length: long sleeves or seven sleeves.
・Two types of pockets, with and without,
・ There are three types of buttons: with, without, and hidden buttons,
・There are two types of end paper and hem processing: a simple type with a zigzag sewing machine and a bias processing type.

Please combine them as you like.

You can make the bias tape yourself by cutting the cloth diagonally, but if it's troublesome, you can use a commercially available one to make it easier. Amirisu recommends this Atelier Brunette BIAS .

Also, we have removed the lining for easy construction.
Even without lining, the inside of the jacket is designed to look neat and clean. Don't cut corners when handling the end paper, and work on it carefully.

There are so many options to choose from, but I think it's a good idea to choose whether you want to wear it quickly in the hot summer or wear it as a jacket in the spring and autumn.

Well, here's an introduction to the size.

Size 6 ( DARUMA FABRIC Paper Tokiwa)

3/4 sleeves, no buttons, no pockets.
A refreshing impression that anyone can see the wrist. If you want to wear it short and compact, you may choose a slightly smaller size.

Tokuko 155cm

Hiromi 159cm

Mari 166cm

Size 8 ( DARUMA FABRIC Soil Oudo)

Three-quarter sleeves, hidden buttons, and no pockets.
Tokuko 155cm

The hem length and sleeve length are fine, but it might be a little too big for Tokuko, who is slim.

Hiromi 159cm

Size 10 ( Atelier Brunette Corduroy Off-White)

It has long sleeves, hidden buttons, and pockets.

Hiromi 159cm

Mari 166cm

Long sleeves, corduroy, and pockets give a different impression. It is also recommended to play with buttons.
Hiromi has just the right length when the sleeves are folded. Fashionable with visible piping.

If you have 25 cm of room in the bust, you can wear it neatly.
If it is less than 25 cm, it will be a little cramped when the button is closed. Furthermore, in the case of the hidden button type, the gap between the front body and the hiyoku cloth pops open and is not very beautiful, so be careful!