December 03, 2015

CAPSULE has arrived

Recently, the number of bloggers among the amirisu staff has increased, so it's been a while since Meri will deliver. This book that arrived yesterday, CAPSULE must be introduced! and.

Olga Braja-Kefferian, a popular designer who lived in Japan until a few years ago. I remember when I first met him, he told me that he was designing the Brooklyn Tweed collection. When I wondered what happened, it was finally released as a book after several years.

It was filmed last summer when BT was still based in New York, so it's full of nice photos of New York streets, and you can feel like you're on a mini trip. Such an urban atmosphere and Olga's design match to create a wonderful collection.

Jared secretly showed us the pictures of this book during the retreat the other day, and we were surprised at how well-made and stylish each piece was. I had no idea that simple tweed yarns such as SHELTER and LOFT could be used to create such sophisticated clothing and accessories! I have a lot of things I want to knit, and I'm worried.

Meri's favorite, part 1. Tatara. These days when my fingertips are cold at work, I'm curious about stylish fingerless mittens. Long type is also good. Plus, it's fun to knit! The pleats are woven on the back and when you wear it, it gives a fluffy three-dimensional effect. This looks warm.

Favorite, number two. Jujika. Literally from the cross. i love this! It's cute even if only one row is a different color ~. It's fun to imagine different color combinations. Blue and yellow (Old World and Bale) and gray and yellow green (Soot and Sap) are also cute. No matter how many cowls I have, I want to knit them.

Favorite, number three. Tetrapod. Motifs are those found on riverbanks and beaches in Japan. I like that kind of idea because it's like Olga. Blue (Almanac) gives a cool look, and it would be nice to knit in a distinct color such as green (Button Jar) or bright red (Cinnabar). Of course, even in a whitish color like Snowbound.

All the clothes are nice, but if I were to say the top 3, it would be the accessories above.
I also like that the model looks like an Eastern European beauty and reminds me a little of Olga. Olga, who has always wanted to put out a printed book, is happy from the bottom of my heart.
Please add it to your knitting book collection.

SHELTER and LOFT have arrived. Popular Fossil and Old World at SHELTER , and Woodsmoke at LOFT . Click here for shopping.