June 08, 2016

Styling Introduction - Asagi 3


Many people have purchased the Shawl KAL kit that started selling on Saturday. thank you very much!
Artistincto shawl KAL kit sold out really quickly, sorry. There are still a few Artistincto yarns in the Kyoto store (for example, the ones that could not be used at Shawl KAL due to the length), so please come and visit us.

Well, today is the third styling introduction.
Kyoto store staff Tomo tried on Asagi.
This time, I changed my taste and took pictures outside.

She is 153cm tall, thin, and similar in stature to Tokuko. skirt school.
After all, if you wear S size, it will be a little too much.
When paired with a voluminous long skirt, it feels good around the stomach.

It was a windy day, so I was able to wear it coolly.
Come to think of it, even in the rainy season, there are sometimes cold days, so I thought there would be many opportunities to play an active role. The neckline is open, so you can wear it over long sleeves in the fall and winter. You can see the shoulder pattern.

The specified yarn Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus has a few remaining colors, but there are some colors that are suitable.
Beautiful mauve Sugared Violet, I recommend it.

Please purchase the kit from the online shop .

In the next styling introduction, we will introduce a different item.
Look forward to it.