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November 21, 2020


It was a questionnaire that everyone cooperated with around this summer, but all the staff were grateful to see it. We have posted the comments of 5 customers on this amirisu corporate site (we have already sent you a message). I'm really thankful to you!

I've settled down to work for magazines and sweater clubs, so I've analyzed the results. We will show you some of them here!

Number of responses: 336

Q1. Tell me about amirisu history.

From the first issue of the magazine (2012) 29
Before the Kyoto store was opened (2013) 19
Since the opening of the Kyoto store (2014-2015) 64
Since the opening of the Tokyo store (2015-2016) 42
Last 2-3 years (2017-2018) 101
More recently (2019-2020) 81

I was surprised to see that more than half of the customers have been using it relatively recently! On the other hand, I am grateful to have nearly 30 customers since 2012 when the magazine started. We will continue to work hard to create content that everyone can enjoy.

Q2. How did you find out about amirisu?
It was a free answer, but about half of them searched the internet, and there were many people who introduced Instagram and friends. I was surprised to see that some people mentioned magazines and newspapers that I had no idea about!

Q3. What do you like about amirisu?
This is also a free answer, but there were a lot of people who wrote that they were excited because they introduced overseas patterns and wonderful yarns. Many people have written about the challenging attitude and the homely atmosphere, and I am deeply moved.

In the next blog, we will introduce you to the comments you have sent as what you can expect in the future!

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