May 03, 2019

Saichika and Knit Cafe


The other day, we held a knit cafe at GLOCAL CAFE in Gaienmae. 30 people who participated! Some people came with friends, while others were nervous because it was their first time to attend such an event.

It was just noon, so we had lunch first.

I asked for Collection humihosokawa 's star alternative bento, but this day was an Aries bento. The cute sheep illustration will make you smile. While having a very delicious lunch, we had a great time talking about yarn and knitting.

Now for the main event. This is a talk show with Saichika. We had many samples of the "Book of Sweaters Knitted with White Thread" published last year, and we were able to hear about how each piece was created, inspiration, and thoughts on the sweaters and accessories. . Saichika, who has a deep knowledge of clothing and accessories, was enraptured by the story of pattern making. Still, it was a day when everyone became a fan of Mr. Saichika with a very friendly and fun story.

After that, we moved to the WALNUT Tokyo store and had time to purchase Viola 's exquisitely colored threads that had arrived for this day, and ended the fun day.

Thank you very much to Saichika and everyone who participated in Knit Cafe. We hope to hold more events like this in the future, so please look forward to the next one.