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May 03, 2023


This is Tokuko, the representative of the lesson. The world is gradually becoming able to act like before, and I think it's about time to go through the lessons! Isn't there someone who thinks about it?
Various lessons are available at WALNUT Tokyo store, Kyoto store, and online. However, the content is a little complicated, so I tried to summarize it according to your needs.
Amirisu's classroom is a place where you can learn techniques and things you don't understand, but there is also the aspect that people who like manufacturing gather and have fun. Talking with like-minded people is fun! Please feel free to come to the lesson with that feeling. I'm sure new encounters are waiting for you.

Tokyo store lesson

Lessons in Tokyo continue to be fully booked, so there aren't many that I can enthusiastically introduce. For other lessons, the fastest way is to see the lesson calendar linked on this page , so please refer to that.

・Those who want to ask only a few questions

I started a one-point lesson . There are restrictions on the patterns sold at amirisu, but this is a casual lesson for those who have bought a kit but are unable to finish it because there is something they don't understand.

・ Those who have time only at night

The Tokyo store has finally resumed its night business! So we have a lesson for those on the way home from work .
One-time lessons on Fridays between 19:00 and 21:00, you can also bring your own. Of course, you can also shop during the lesson, so it is also recommended that you shop while consulting with the teacher and knit it in the lesson.

・ Those who just want to talk about knitting

A knit cafe run by staff . It's not a lesson, so even if there's something you don't understand, I can't teach you, but it's recommended for those who want knitting friends.

・Those who find it difficult to sew at home

In fact, the Tokyo store also offers sewing lessons . For those who don't have a sewing machine at home, or for those who don't have a lot of space to work with cloth and paper patterns. Please feel free to participate in the lesson. A lock sewing machine is also available.

Kyoto store lesson

Knitting lessons are the main thing in Kyoto. We still have openings!

・ Those who want to go every month

This is a paid lesson . This is a great option for those who want to visit regularly. I'm doing it at Mizuho & Tokuco, but there are still openings for Tokuco lessons now. My lessons are for advanced users, but the person who knitted a sweater is an advanced user! With that in mind, please feel free to come.

・ Those who want to try a lesson once

Mizuho is in charge of lessons that are booked each time . It's more expensive than regular, but it's perfect for those who want to take a trial lesson. You can bring it in.

lessons elsewhere

I used to live in Kobe, so I have been teaching classes there for many years . Please be patient with us as there are occasional vacancies.
I plan to give lessons in Nara soon. Please wait for the announcement as well.

online lesson

We are also working hard to improve online lessons for those who live in rural areas.

・ Those who want to go regularly

After doing a one-off lesson online, I received a request for a regular lesson online, and Mizuho is holding it now . We also have night classes, so you can join us after work. Although it is limited to kits sold by amirisu, there are not many classrooms where you can learn sentence patterns in rural areas, so please take this opportunity to participate.

・ Those who just want to talk about knitting

Let's enjoy knit cafe even online ! If you are tired of knitting alone, people from various regions will participate, so it will be fun.

・Those who want to ask only a few questions

Online, we are having a free consultation meeting for those who bought the kit. It's free, so please take advantage of it.

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