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Definitely Stephen!

January 13, 2021


Stephen West shawls are what you want to knit on a gloomy cold day or a little tired day. Just looking at the pop colors in his designs gives me some energy.

Latest Design Briocean Scarf

This is a brioche scarf made of Fingering yarn and mohair or Qing Fiber Melted Suri . I love long scarves, so I thought it would be cool to knit one and tie it around my neck.

Another thing I'm interested in is Bubbles & Brioche.

What a colorful and fun shawl! I want to collect all the remaining threads I have and knit them!

Also, I've been wanting to knit a hat lately, so I looked for it.

Brooklyn Tweed Quarry1Cablage knitted by aligning yarns of Kase and Fingering

Is it a little gaudy? Threads that you think are cute if you use them like this.

When I was in Japan before, while knitting a shawl, I muttered, "Oh, what should I do with the color? Ah, it's wrong..." It's okay!" said Stephen. I would like to enjoy knitting while dreaming of the day we can meet again.

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