September 13, 2020

amirisu Podcast episode 2!

amirisu Podcast episode 2!

Podcast episode 2 has been released!

This time I'm talking about the original pattern that was released at the same time as the Trek release. The bright green color of Rainier is very popular. It is full of interesting topics such as special talks. Please enjoy from the link below.

We also asked the other pattern designers, Mr. Ohtsuru and Mr. Komiya, what color they would choose if they were to knit another pattern.

Denali is Soil (beige), Midnight (dark blue), Clover (green)

Makalu is MC- Lava stone (dark gray), CC1- Lichen (mustard), CC2- Smoke (light gray)

is what they said. I hope you all enjoy choosing colors.

Finally, Makalu looked great over a t-shirt. It's perfect for the coming season!