December 08, 2020

From amirisu magazine No. 21 -komorebi-

amirisu magazine 21号から -komorebi-

Komorebi designed by Mizuho Komiya, who also teaches knitting lessons at Walnut Kyoto. A sweater with the image of dead leaves dancing in the sunshine filtering through the foliage.

For a long time, he had wanted to design something with a pattern as a focal point.

In addition to the design of the yoke, we also designed a pattern that looks like smocking and sleeves that gently spread from the elbow to the bottom. I want to! This is a piece that is packed with the designer's commitment.

Since it is knitted with two colors of Fingering Weight yarn, it is good to knit in a gorgeous color like the sample, or in a more subdued color.

The Japanese version worn by the designer Komiya is also wonderful!

Please try knitting with your favorite color combination.