September 28, 2023

Notice of format change for amirisu magazine


Thank you very much for your continued patronage of amirisu.

amirisu is a company that started by making magazines.
The magazine amirisu was launched in 2012. Since then, it has changed its size, separated the Japanese and English versions in the past, but next year, in 2024, it will be reborn in a new format. Up until now, both the patterns and articles were combined into one magazine, but with the new format, we have decided to divide them into two parts: a printed pattern book and online media.

First of all, the pattern book is scheduled to be published once or twice a year, and will continue to be created with the participation of designers from all over the world.
For the online media, we want to make sure our readers have free access to it. We'll be thinking more about the content from now on, but we would like to regularly upload various articles in addition to those from amirisu back issue. The online media launch is scheduled for around April or May of 2024.

Regarding this change, in consideration of the changing times, we want everyone to enjoy the magazine by incorporating the ease of online access while retaining the benefits of a paper publication. We would like to continue creating books that people would want to keep close at hand, like photo books, but we decided to make this change because we want people to read the material more easily on their smartphones and tablets.

There will be changes to the price of the magazine as well as some other adjustments. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause. We will provide further information once the details are decided. Due to the upcoming changes, we will not accept new subscriptions and existing subscriptions will be cancelled after the shipment of Issue 27.

Issue 27, which will be released in November, will be the last issue in the current format. The theme of Issue 27 is Music. Each designer freely interpreted the theme and put their creativity to work creating 12 pieces that were light and filled with attention to detail.

The participating designers are:
Ainur Berkimbayeva / Alice Caetano / Alma Bali / Cecilia Flori / Derako / Eri Shimizu /Keiko Kikuno / Megumi Sawada / Mizuho Komiya / Rachel Illsley / Rievive

The release date is scheduled for Friday, November 3rd .
Reservations will start from October 3rd (Tuesday) , so please look forward to it.

amirisu is constantly changing, but we will continue to strive to improve the quality of our knitting patterns and articles, while valuing the amirisu style. We look forward to your continued patronage.

amirisu Co., Ltd.
Tokuko Ochiai & Meri Tanaka