October 23, 2020

Various plans for amirisu online


Recently, it is difficult for everyone to get together and knit, so amirisu is showing you some projects using the online application zoom.

English WS that was popular as a lesson in the store before. It is a course to knit a fixed pattern in English every time. Anyone who is new to English patterns and is unsure, who is interested in the technique used, or who just wants to knit this pattern, can participate. The instructor will explain the English as you proceed.

This time it's Andrea Mowry's Plumpy shawl. I can't finish knitting in the lesson, but I will teach you the tricks to knit to the end.

If you want to buy an amirisu kit but are worried about whether you can knit it, or if you have questions, please join the online knitting consultation meeting . By specifying the content you want to teach when applying, the instructor will prepare in advance and answer the questions face-to-face. Get hints on how to knit your work and complete a wonderful work.

I just want to knit while chatting! If you are interested, please join us at the online knit cafe . We showed each other what we were knitting and talked about trendy patterns. Online is also attractive to be able to knit with people who are far away.

Please take advantage of amirisu online in the season when it's all chilly and knitting is fun.