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Aimée is coming! (Part 1)

October 06, 2022

Aiméeがやってくる!(Part 1)

Big event this fall! Aimée, the owner of French yarn manufacturer La bien Aimée , is coming to Japan. The book Worsted, which came out last year. Bring samples of patterns and threads from this book, as well as various other attractive threads to the Tokyo store!

Speaking of La bien Aimée yarn, the beautiful colors are impressive. Slightly fluctuating single colors such as reddish brown, yellow, and pink are all enchanting shades, and you will want each and every one of the shades that mix many colors. They are gorgeous but not too flashy, and come in a variety of colors that will easily blend in with whatever you knit.

The base of the yarn is also particular, and the super wash that is moist and easy to knit, and the dry yarn that has a slight sheep smell, are all wonderful when knitted.

For the past year, every time I saw Aimée holding events at yarn shops around the world, I always envyed him and thought it would be great if he could come to Japan.

Just thinking about having Aimée, who has good taste, help me choose threads and let me wear samples, makes me happy. This fall is the La bien Aimée festival! Please look forward to it.

In the next Part 2, we will introduce the details of the recommended events and the threads that are scheduled to arrive.

We are beyond excited to welcome Aimée of La bien Aimée to Walnut Tokyo this November! Aimée will be bringing all the samples from her book Worsted and lots of beautiful handdyed yarns, too.

La bien Aimée yarns are known for their stunning colors. The incredible depth in the semi-solid colors and the crisp, fun speckled colors are gorgeous without being too flashy, and when knit up, they go well with everything in your wardrobe. can't get enough of their yarns!

Not only the colors, their bases are great too. The dreamy softness of the superwash yarns and the sheepy worsted bases that are spun specially for La bien Aimée are all a dream to knit with.

We will be hosting a meet and greet, a knit night, and more! Don't miss this opportunity to ask Aimée for color advice and try on her Worsted samples.

We hope you are excited for this fall as we are!

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