November 01, 2020

Through the Lens - Issue 21

Through the lens for amirisu by Masako Nakagawa


Through the lens for amirisu by Masako Nakgawa

My life changed suddenly from traveling almost every week to staying at home day after day, Monday to Sunday, morning to noon to night. I lived my life like a busy bee, never staying in one place, so this new normal is refreshing. However, jobs I spent years building up were cancelled, so not everything is great. The uncertainty of the future is so stressful, that I have to cheer myself up with stupid jokes.

In the midst of all of this, I spent more time looking at where I stand. I literally mean where I stand, the floor of our place. I mop the wooden floor every day, wet and dry. Soon, my body remembers to do this as a routine. More often than I pray, I clean the floor until it shines. Working on it, I just think about the floor. Starting from the hallway, ending with the corner by the window, I follow the same course every day. By the time I finish this 15 minute routine, not only the floor but my mind becomes clear and starts to shine.

Starting a day like this shapes my senses and I feel I discover more things when taking a walk. The shifting colors in the sky, shuffling leaves, empty cicada shells, none of them captured my attention when I was busy running around. These days the discoveries are endless. One day I visited a friend’s atelier to chat, where there was a high ceiling with tall windows, and the breeze blowing through the room was so cozy. I suddenly thought, “I’d like to find a place like this for my work.” Until then the town I lived in was a place to return to from work, I realized I wanted to work from here, and needed a space for it.

I went home, started my search, and found a perfect place almost immediately, with tall windows, a high ceiling, and the refreshing breeze. I signed the lease that day. My friend was surprised and laughed a little at my quick decision, but I was certain of this new beginning. I am leaving a lot of blank space in terms of what to begin. I just want to see what amazing things emerge from this new experience.

                  – Masako Nakagawa