July 14, 2023

Swing, Knitting review



Swing is our original yarn made of 100% Spanish Merino.
The moment I saw it at the first glance, I was gripped by its cuteness!


The yarn is 100g/460m long, so it has plenty of cushioning, but it is very light in the hand and has a feel unlike any other yarn I've ever seen. The colors are crisp monochromatic and slightly shimmering vivid colors, and any combination of colors would make a wonderful garment or shawl.

I am eager to use it for color blocking and stranded knitting, but I decided to use one skein first for trying, so I chose Campanella shawl designed by Miki Teragaki. It is very easy to knit, and the texture is refreshing, so I can easily get along even in temperatures over 30°C. As I was knitting it comfortably, I finished it very quickly. The shawl was finished in no time at all!

I thought it was very small right after I finished it, but after letting it drain and blocking it, it fluffed up and became the size I had expected. I weighed it at 70 grams, making it light, warm, and perfect for keeping out the air conditioning! This shawl became one of my favorites.

Now I'm dreaming of what to knit next, and in which color. I hope you will try knitting this wonderful new yarn, Swing.