January 28, 2023

I want to knit SSP!


I've been wanting to knit this shawl ever since you showed me your knitted work, SSP (slip stitch party) shawl by Isabell Kraemer. Just like the name slip stitch party, it looks like a shawl that creates a pattern with slip stitches.

There seems to be two versions, one that uses 6 colors of yarn and enjoys using multiple colors, and the other that uses only 2 colors. Should I go red-orange-pink, blue-green-yellow, or mix them all up... ah, I'm not sure.

BT's Loft and Tones Light will keep you warm even in winter if you wrap them around, and since they are light yarns, you can use them until spring. You can enjoy knitting for a long time from now on. Now, what colors should we knit in?