May 28, 2023

Niemi by Kitman Figueroa

Niemi by Kitman Figueroa


Featured in amirisu Issue 26, published in 2023.

Today's interview is with Kitman Figueroa, who truly has a gift for shawl design. Her shawl for Issue 26, Niemi, is a simple design combining garter and lace patterns. This is a great design for knitters interested in trying their hand at lace shawl for the first time.

amirisu: What was your inspiration for this design?
 This shawl is inspired by the oak trees & acorns in summer.

amirisu: What, if any, challenges did you encounter during the design process?
Kitman: That will be the stitch calculation for repeated pattern.

amirisu: If you were to knit this design in another color, what would it be?
Kitman: Definitely green. Dark forest green.

amirisu: How did you start your knitting journey?
Kitman: I was in college and decided to learn knitting a sweater for my boyfriend then hubby now. And I dedicated more time to self learned online after I moved to USA from Malaysia.

amirisu: How do you like to spend time in the summer? What do you like to knit or make in warmer months?
Kitman: I don’t do well with sweltering heat. I tend to hide at home after noon knitting and watching drama. Ice coffee is a must and I like to knit mindless scarf pattern using lightweight lace yarn.

Thank you, Kitman!