June 13, 2024

The new colors of Illimani Sabri are so cute!

Illimani Sabriの新色がかわいい!

The new colors of Illimani Sabri that arrived last month are so cute.

Sabri is a Light Fingering yarn made from 85% cotton and 15% alpaca.
Until now we have stocked natural colours such as white and light grey, but this time we are introducing refreshing new colours!
From left, Regatta, Pale Pink, and Mustard.
It's a refreshing color that wakes you up, but also has a slightly greyish matte finish. Words cannot describe the beauty of yarn.

In particular, the purplish blue Regatta was a big hit with the staff, Nakacho, Shino and Aiko all purchasing one shortly after it arrived.

We'd like to introduce their projects using the same colors!

First, Nakacho is knitting the Outline Tee .
This cool pullover features drop stitch lines around the neck, sides, and center of the front and back.

She plans to knit it longer and with a smaller collar opening. It looks like it will be finished soon.

Shino chose Agatha , designed by Mizuho Komiya.

She is knitting a mosaic pattern with Isager Trio 2 SAGE. The blue is enhanced by the glossy grey, making it even more beautiful...!


Aiko has already finished! The pattern is Lapis designed by yamagara.
For the CC, she used amirisu Swim Handdyed rhubarb syrup, which creates a nice contrast. The compact shape that tapers towards the hem is cute and suits her. Even though it's cotton, the grain is nicely aligned.


When asked how it feels to knit, all three agreed that it's "easy to knit with!"

It's soft and moist to the touch, so it doesn't itch or sting even if you touch it directly against your bare skin in the summer. On the other hand, perhaps because it's so soft, Shino said that she had to be careful to pull it tight not to let it became loose. 

I highly recommend this yarn to anyone looking for a comfortable yarn to knit with this season, and a light cotton yarn.