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The Shetland Trader Book Three

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This is the third installment of the pattern collection "The Shetland Trader Book" series by Gudrun Johnston, a designer born in the Shetland Islands.
The publisher has moved to Pom Pom Press, and it has become a pop atmosphere.

Three has 11 patterns (7 pieces of clothing and 4 pieces of accessories) that incorporate the style of the 70's and are arranged in a modern way.

It taps into Gudrun's family roots and explores the bespoke knitwear her mother Patricia Johnston started in the 1970s. Some of the works posted this time are works that Patricia liked. Arranged by Gudrun.

The knitting techniques and traditional motifs of the Shetland Islands are incorporated, and of course the design is wonderful,
This is a book that allows you to know the knitting of the Shetland Islands.

See all patterns here .

145 pages in total (full text in English)
Includes download code