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[First knitting series] Garter knit cowl

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Knitting for Olive

Now that the Stay Home is continuing, I think there are many people who want to start knitting. Being able to knit makes spending time at home a lot more enjoyable.

I want to try knitting on this occasion! For those who say, I made my first knitting series kit. The first time is a garter knitted cowl. It's a very simple one with only front knitting.
As long as you do your best to make the first stitches, the rest will be completed by repeating the same knitting method. It's a cowl, so I'm happy that the amount of knitting is small.
Of course, we have video tutorials for all knitting methods.

Ladies and gentlemen, please step into the world of my favorite knitting.


Kit contents
Knitting for Olive Heavy Merino 2 balls
HiyaHiya Stainless Circular Needle 80cm Normal / US8 1pc
Print pattern (Japanese with video tutorial )

Kit details
designed by amirisu

Finished size
Width 19cm, inner circumference 39cm

Thread used
Knitting for Olive Heavy Merino (100% merino wool; approx. 110 m to 125 m / 50 g)

needle to use
・One US8 (5mm) circular knitting needle is included in the kit.

Other necessary tools (this is what you need to prepare yourself)
Binding needle
・Crochet (optional)
・Scissors ・Measure

Click here for recommended products for necessary tools
Assorted needles for yarn binding
・Scissors are bean scissors from Seki
・The measure is an amirisu original measure (for both centimeters and inches)
Retrosaria Rosa Pomar Bag for braiding