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Cute Russian Finger Puppet Kit

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A kit for knitting finger puppets published in the book "Cute Russian Finger Puppets" by Miho Ioka, who runs cafes "Kakanana" and "Boric Coffee" in Naramachi. This is a work that Mr. Ioka devised so that he could crochet the finger puppets he learned from a Russian grandmother named Tanya.

If you play with these cute finger puppets on both hands, you will definitely become a hit with children. The warm atmosphere makes you feel relaxed just by being there. You can also knit finger puppets of Russian popular Cheburashka.

A simple knitting pattern is included in the kit.
If you want to see more detailed knitting methods, please purchase the book "Russian Cute Finger Puppets ".

Kit contents
・Darshan ultra-fine yarn ・Embroidery thread ・Knitting diagram ・Range ring ・Synthetic cotton (not included in Hedgehog)
・Boa fabric (hedgehog only)

*The beads of the necklace worn by the rabbit are not included.

Things to prepareCrochet (size 2/0)
・Binding needle ・Embroidery needle ・Scissors


The yarn in the set is as follows.

・Cheburashka Darshan extra-fine No. 21

・Hedgehog darshan extra fine No. 36, No. 19, No. 24

・Rabbit darshan ultra-thin No. 25, 28, 5, 10, 33

・Nekodarshan extra-fine No. 41, No. 25, No. 33, No. 24

・Koyagi Darshan extra-fine No. 8, No. 27, No. 24, No. 4

・Pumpkin darshan extra-fine No. 42, 29, 35, 24, 33