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BOOKHOU pouches have arrived.

This is about half the size of LARGE POUCH .
Recommended as a daily pouch for cosmetics.
The gusset is large and the width is long, so you can store a lot.

The fabric is BOOKHOU original.
The stitching, including how to attach the zipper, is solid, and the chic print that you will never get tired of is likely to be used for a long time.

Size: width about 24cm height about 10cm gusset about 6cm zipper length about 22.5cm
(Because it is handmade, there are some individual differences)

A very popular handmade studio in Toronto, Canada.
Handicraft workshops such as punch needles are held, and original fabric goods are sold.
Instagram is full of ideas, saying, "Handmade is so fashionable." Please check it out.