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Maison Yarn Set (Northern Lights)

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A beautiful shawl with a lattice pattern knitted with threads of two different thicknesses.
The orderly grid pattern is transformed into asymmetrical triangles to create an impressive piece. The design was inspired by Alvar Aalto's Louis Carré residence. The vertical and horizontal lines of pattern knitting are created using stockinette knitting and slip stitches. Since you only use one color at a time, you can relax and have fun knitting. Since the Shelter and Loft are knitted with different thicknesses, a fluffy and uneven lattice pattern is created.

Knit from the top to the opposite side. The pattern knitting pattern uses two types of base yarn of different colors and consists of slip stitches on stockinette knitting. For a neat finish, the edges are knitted with garter stitches and slip stitches. Create a shawl shape by making the stitches at the right end of the RS row. Lower your eyes according to the slip of the edge.

Kit contents
MC: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter 4 cases
CC: Brooklyn Tweed Loft 3 cases

This kit only includes yarn and does not come with a pattern. Please purchase together with the book Northern Lights – A Collection with Brooklyn Tweed 

Kit details
designed by Evgeniya Dupliy

Finished size
Right side: 167 cm
left side: 132cm

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter
(100% American Targhee-Columbia Wool; 140 yards / 128 m, 50g)
Brooklyn Tweed Loft
(100% American Targhee-Columbia Wool; 275 yards / 251 m, 50g)

US 7 (4.5 mm) 100 cm (or longer) circular needle

Or needle required to obtain gauge.

Other tools 
Stitch marker (1)
Tapestry needle


Sample color is Snowbound + Cast Iron