London Borough of Jam

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London Borough of Jam is a jam brand that focuses on high-quality ingredients and small-lot production.
The exquisite combination of seasonal fruits, spices and herbs is a flavor you have never tasted before. How about a stylish jam to enjoy your tea time at home?

Contents: 220g
Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, store at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening (below 10°C).
Country of manufacture: England Bottle size: Diameter 7cm x Height 8.8cm

Sevil orange and chamomile marmalade <br> A marmalade that is unique to LBJ, with the texture of the orange peel and the gentle scent of chamomile flowers added. A perfect balance of orange sweetness and bitterness. Spread it on toast, add it to scones and pound cakes, it's a versatile dish.
Ingredients: Sugar, Sevil Orange, Chamomile Flower, Salt

Lemon and Vanilla Marmalade <br>A marmalade with a very luxurious flavor that combines the bittersweet sourness of lemon peel with the sweet scent of vanilla. There are vanilla beans chopped with pods inside.
Topped with crispy thinly sliced ​​English bread for breakfast. Drizzle over vanilla ice cream for a fancy dessert on its own. Serve with straight tea or as a sweetener.
Ingredients: lemon, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla beans, salt

Green gauge plum and fennel pollen jam <br>Green gauge plum is a sweet green plum that is often used in jams and desserts in Europe. Fennel pollen is a rare spice made from fennel pollen and has a sweet, refreshing scent. A flavor unique to LBJ, with a slightly spicy flavor added to the delicious plum.
For bread, scones, yogurt, etc. It goes well with cheese, so we recommend sandwiches with cream cheese.
Ingredients: Green Gage Plum, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Fennel Pollen

Damson Plum and Black Pepper Jam <br>A unique jam with a rich flavor of damson plum sprinkled with the tangy aroma of black pepper.
Damson plums are dark purple plums native to England. It has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, and goes well with toast, as well as meat dishes such as cheese, ham, and pate.
Ingredients: Damson Plum, Sugar, Black Pepper, Lemon Juice

strawberry and rosewater jam
A romantic jam with the scent of roses spreading softly behind the strawberries.
Rose water is distilled water that is often used in Middle Eastern sweets. By combining it with the standard strawberry jam, it has a taste that is typical of LBJ. The flesh remains firm, and just pouring it over ice cream makes it a special dessert. It goes well with scones and Victoria cake.
Ingredients: strawberry, sugar, rose water, lemon juice

Apricot and muscovado sugar jam
Muscovado sugar is unrefined brown sugar popular in the UK. By adding the soft sweetness of muscovado sugar and the richness of molasses to the sweet and sour apricot, the jam becomes even more delicious. It can be used for everything from toast to yogurt, so it is recommended for everyday use.
Ingredients: apricots, sugar, muscovado sugar, lemon juice

Blackberry and bay leaf jam
A jam with a unique and grown-up flavor that combines richly flavored blackberries with coarsely ground bay leaves.
If you put it on a cracker with cheese, it's a fine wine companion. It goes well with cheese that has a slightly peculiar taste, such as chevre. The refreshing scent of bay leaf leaves a lasting impression, and it is also recommended as a substitute for sauces for ham, sausage, and meat dishes.
Ingredients: blackberry, sugar, bay leaf, lemon juice