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Biches & Bûches Le Petit Lambswool

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Biches & Bûches

Le Petit Lambswool arrived from Biches & Bûches in France.

Le Petit Lambswool is a 2-Ply Light Fingering yarn.
It's a lovely French color.

It's a melange style, so it feels good to have a simple knitted fabric with nuances.
Perhaps because there is a sense of uniformity in the transparency of the colors, even if you arrange many colors, they will blend in.
Please use it for color work wear and shawls.

Please refer to the recommended pattern blog using this thread.

*Because the manufacturer has changed the shape of the thread, depending on the timing and color of arrival, there may be a mixture of jade and skein. Please note that you cannot choose the shape of the thread.

Manufacturer: Biches & Buches
Product Name: Le Petit Lambswool
Thickness: Light Fingering
100% Lambswool 248m / 50g