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Knitting for Olive Double Soft Merino

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Knitting for Olive

Airy Knitting for Olive Double Soft Merino.
As the name suggests, it is a soft yarn. It contains air and has the thickness of Worsted Weight Yarn but is light.

Structurally, fine merino wool threads and soft wool are woven together in a chain. Because of its softness, the soft wool tends to flake off more easily than ordinary strong threads, so it is recommended to knit mohair, for example. It will increase the intensity and you can enjoy different nuances.

Spun in Italy.
It is made in an ethical and environmentally friendly way and is certified with the "Oeko-Tex Standard 100", the world's highest level of safe textile product certification.

100% merino wool
Length: about 110m ~ 125m / 50g
Gauge: 18 eyes = 10 cm
Recommended Needle Size: US 7