KLAR kit (with Japanese sentence pattern)

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KLAR is a stylish knit hat with a cable pattern that runs from bottom to top.
When you put it on tightly, the pattern comes out beautifully and the shape is good.
Knitted with Woolfolk Får, it won't irritate your forehead.

Knit in a circle, knitting the cable pattern from bottom to top. Create a shape while reducing the stitches, and at the end, pass the thread through the remaining stitches and squeeze.

Kit contents
Woolfolk Får
1 (2, 3) = 1 (2, 2) case
Print pattern (Japanese)

Kit details
designed by Luuanne Chau

Finished size
Head circumference: 1 (2, 3) = 36.5 (41.25, 45.5)cm
*Choose a size 7.5-12.5cm smaller than your nude measurements.

Thread used
Woolfolk Får ( 100% Merino Wool, 142 yards/ 130 meters, 50 g )

needle to use
・US6 (4mm) 40cm circular needle ・US7 (4.5mm) 40cm circular needle ・US7 (4.5mm) 4-pin needle

Other tools
Stitch marker
・Binding needle