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amirisu Flutter Hand-dyed

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Read all about Flutter here.

These special hand-dyed skeins of amirisu Flutter are dyed in small batches in our Nara studio. 

Each batch is unique and most colors will not be repeated. If you see something you like, be sure to get enough for your project while it is still in stock!

* The fibers may appear to be stuck together in the hank/skein, but you will find that the strands come apart easily when winding into cake or knitting.

* Please note that the dark or saturated colors may discolor bamboo needles or transfer some color to your hands. Take care to avoid transferring color to light colored items.

Sport Weight
65% Baby Suri, 17% Merino, 18% Silk
191 Yards / 175 m / 50 g
Handwashing recommended
Spun & Dyed in Japan

The characteristics of hand-dyed yarn are summarized here .
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