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DARUMA PATTERN BOOK 3 (Japanese only), a pattern book where you can find what you want to knit in winter.

There were many simple works in 1 and 2 that have already been published, but 3 has many works that enjoy color matching and material differences in simple. There is so much fun to be had, so you can try different combinations of colors, change the thickness of the borders and weave, and bring out your originality and have fun with a single pattern.

At the end of the book is a yarn sample of the yarn used in this book.
You can actually feel the texture of the yarn, so it's easy to imagine the finished product.

Designer YOKOTA, Kaze Kobo (Yoko Hatta), Natsumi Kuge, Tomoko Noguchi (eccomin)

76 pages

Language: Japanese

8 designs (yarn used)
Blackcurrant sleeve sweater (Wool Mohair)

Square & border stole (GENMOU)
Hand warmer (Airy Wool Alpaca)
Knit cap (GENMOU)
Striped sweater (Shetland Wool)
Ring Garland Reversible Scarf (Wool Mohair Merino Style Nami Thick)
Winter Cable Cardigan (Falkland Wool)
Ribbed modified sweater (GEEK)