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Daruma Sewing Thread

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A convenient sewing thread that allows you to set the lower thread bobbin* in the concave part of the thread winding.
The upper and lower threads can be stored together, so you don't have to worry about matching colors when you use them again. Even if there are many colors, it is easy to organize.

Sewing thread with a thickness (equivalent to 67th) between normal sewing thread (60th) and thin sewing thread (90th), so it can be used for sewing from slightly thin fabrics such as lawn fabrics to slightly thick canvases. Sewing machine thread that can sew a wide range of fabrics.

* Compatible bobbins are as follows.
Household H1 type (diameter 20.5mm x height 11.5mm)
Household H2 type (diameter 21mm x height 9mm)

Thread length: 200m
Quality display: 100% polyester
Thickness: 265dtex
Needles used: Sewing machine needles 9-14
Country of Origin: Japan