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campbell's perfect tea

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How about some delicious tea to accompany your knitting?

Campbell's Perfect Tea is Irish tea.
We have a can filled with 500g of tea leaves and a refill pack with 250g of tea leaves that are convenient for refilling.
A little retro golden yellow can. It looks stylish and can be used as an interior decoration.

Tea leaves are from Kenya, Africa.
It is a breed unique to Kenya that is improved from the Assam breed, and is characterized by the tea leaves that are curled by a manufacturing method called CTC.
The color and flavor are easy to come out, and the light blue color is dark reddish brown.
It is a black tea suitable for milk tea with a firm and powerful richness.

Tokuko and Meri, who love tea time, are also regular drinkers.

Product name: Black tea Ingredients: Black tea Tea leaves Country of manufacture: Kenya Country of manufacture: Ireland Preservation method: Avoid high temperature and humidity

<500g can> Can size: diameter 13cm x height 12.5cm, content: 500g
<250g bag> Specifications: Aluminum pack, content: 250g
*After opening the pack, please store it in a Campbell's Perfect Tea can or an airtight container.

About cans and packaging *Please read before ordering Campbell's Perfect Tea cans are traditionally made, and there may be small scratches or small dents on the surface of the can. The inner bag inside the can is not sealed, and the tea leaves are loosely contained, so it may spill out of the bag. The can lid is simply sealed with tape. Although it is a rough product overall, we hope you will enjoy it as a taste unique to overseas imports. Please place an order after understanding the above points.

*Price includes tax.

Campbell's Perfect Tea