Brooklyn Tweed Dapple

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In 2020, Dapple was released by Brooklyn Tweed.

2-ply DK weight Yarn.
A blend of 60% wool and 40% organic cotton for a refreshing feel. It seems to be usable for a long season other than midwinter. It's very soft, so it's also recommended for knitting for kids.
The cotton part is not dyed and remains white, making it look grainy. When knitted, it becomes tweed and creates nuances.

It is a yarn made with a new concept that is different from the past.
We are very particular about production, and the entire process is done in the United States, from the production of raw materials to the processing of yarn. Our wool comes from Colorado and our cotton comes from Texas on farms that care about people, society and the environment. Brooklyn Tweed will also donate 3% of sales to the National Black Farmers Association.

The dyeing is also challenging, and the feature is that each shade of the same color has a different shade. You can knit in a variety of ways, such as making use of distinct color differences, knitting with fades, or knitting alternately one row at a time to even out. Please show your creativity and enjoy the individuality of each case.

Please note that it is not possible to choose the shade of the skein for mail-order sales.
Please come to the actual store to see the real thing.
Due to the characteristics of the thread, we will send it as is even if the lot is different.

Manufacturer: Brooklyn Tweed
Product name: Dapple

60% Merino wool, 40% organic cotton
165 yards / 151m ; 50g
Made in USA